Month in Review: February 2018

This month always flies by, but it’s flown particularly fast for me as I lost a whole week to stomach flu!

I’m feeling better now, and my recovery was helped a lot by the arrival of my contributor copies for the March/April 2018 issue of F&SF — which closes with my latest story, ‘Down Where Sound Comes Blunt‘!

Some readers are already receiving their copies, but it will officially go on sale this Thursday! The TOC looks wonderful, and although I haven’t been able to read the issue yet, it seems to be following a monster theme. . .


I have been reading Philip Pullman’s La Belle Sauvage this month, and I’m just a few chapters away from the end! I was a little worried about starting it in case it fell short of expectations, but it’s been a charming and easy read which has given me a new appreciation for Pullman’s writing. If my TBR pile wasn’t so big, I’d be diving right back into Northern Lights afterwards!

But instead I’ll be jumping aboard the spaceship Trouble Dog in Gareth L. Powell’s latest book — and the first in a new trilogy — Embers of Warwhich was released last week and has already collected some impressive reviews. I’m really looking forward to this one.



On the writing front, I managed 7,438 new words this month! They went towards a new short story which I finished in record time and of which I am very proud, and the beginnings of yet another short which I hope to complete next month.

All in all, I have three submissions out at the moment, a novelette to edit, and I’m planning to draft two or three new shorts in March. So the next few weeks look very busy, but I’ve gathered some good momentum so far and am optimistic that I can reach my goal. If I do, it means I’ll have made excellent headway with my 2018 resolutions!


And I’d like to close this month off with a huge round of congratulations for this year’s Nebula nominees! I was absolutely delighted to see Sarah Pinsker and Vina Jie-Min Prasad on the shortlist — twice!! — with other favourites such as Kelly Robson’s ‘A Human Stain, K. M. Szpara’s ‘Small Changes Over Long Periods of Time‘, and Caroline M. Yoachim’s ‘Carnival Nine‘! Well done, everyone!


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