Month in Review: August 2017

This last month has been the busiest of the year so far. Since my World Fantasy Award nomination at the end of July, I’ve successfully crowdfunded £1,460 to cover my flights to San Antonio (now booked), completed my first public reading and appearance at BrisConFringe, and written a new short story. It doesn’t sound like much when it’s listed like that, but it’s been quite a whirlwind!

Last week, I sat down for a photo-shoot with Thomas David Parker, who is building a portfolio of author headshots. I was nervous about having my picture taken, but the session was relaxed and informal. We got some great shots, one of which you can now find in my sidebar! If you’re in need of new headshots and are local to Bristol, I really recommend contacting Tom; he’s fab!


BrisConFringe was on 21 August in a cosy pub on King Street, Bristol. The event, kindly hosted by a very jet-lagged Cheryl Morgan, lasted from around 7 – 9pm. I read from ‘Das Steingeschöpf‘ before sitting down with Cheryl to answer some questions about the story and my forthcoming projects. Lucy Hounsom read from her new novel, Heartland, and the both of us took questions from the audience at the end.

This was a first for me. I hope those of you who came were able to forgive my nerves and had a great time. Unfortunately I had to dash to catch my train and was unable to say a proper goodbye, but I hope I can see many of you again soon.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, not to worry! The whole event was lovingly recorded and is available to listen and download for free at Cheryl Morgan’s blog.

Regarding readers who are hard of hearing or have other accessibility issues: please let me know if you’d like a transcript and I’ll write one up!

I’m taking a break from social media next month to finish the short stories I have in progress. I’ll also be busy making final preparations for World Fantasy Con. My contact form is always open if you need to reach me; and, of course, I’ll be at FantasyCon at the end of September! Hope to see some of you at the bar!

Until next time. . .


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