Wilde Stories 2017 out now!

My contributor copies of Wilde Stories 2017 arrived yesterday! Lethe Press have produced a gorgeous hardback, collecting the best gay speculative fiction from 2016 in one surprisingly heavy volume. I’m so proud to appear alongside some of my favourite short fiction writers.

Happy reading!


  “The Tale of the Costume Maker” by Steve Carr
Das Steingeschöpf” by G.V. Anderson
Where’s the Rest of Me?” by Matthew Cheney
The Gentleman of Chaos” by A. Merc Rustad
Frost” by Nathan Burgoine
Bull of Heaven” by Gabriel Murray
The Sound a Raven Makes” by Mathew Scaletta
Angel, Monster, Man” by Sam J. Miller
Most Holy Ghost” by Martin Pousson
​   “Ratcatcher” by  Amy Griswold
The Drowning Line” by Haralambi Markov
My Own Heart’s Desire” by Robert Levy
The Turing Test” by Eric Schaller
Of All Possible Worlds” by Eneasz Brodski
Carnivores” by Rich Larson
It’s the End of the World As We Know It” by A.C. Wise
The Death of Paul Bunyon” by Charles Payseur

Available now!


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