‘I Am Not I’ out now!

There was only one aisle, wide enough to spread out my arms and brush the shelves with my fingertips — not that I wanted to get too close. The shelves creaked under the weight of thousands of dusty jars containing hands tinted amber by formaldehyde; eyeballs trailing optic kelp; and butter bean fœtuses that watched me with milky, unformed eyes.

Sap parts, all of them.

The July/August 2017 issue of F&SF is here, which means my grotesque fantasy novelette ‘I Am Not I’ is finally out in the big wide world! According to the editor’s note, it ‘may at some turns remind you of Sarah Waters’ Fingersmith and at others of China Miéville’s Perdido Street Station; either way, we think it will impress you.’

It’s joined by a formidable TOC, including recent Nebula winner William Ledbetter, Marissa Lingen, Justin C. Key, David Erik Nelson, Gardner Dozois, Sean Adams, and Auston Habershaw.

Follow the links below to purchase a copy in ebook and paper formats hope you enjoy! It’s a fantastic issue.

F&SF July/August 2017

Weightless Books

Amazon Kindle UK/US


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