Month in Review: May 2017


Most of my reading time this month has been taken up by novellas (hi, fellow Codexians!), but I have made a start on this little beauty:


Signed and everything! I picked this up in London back in March and have only just got round to it, but even after a few short chapters, I already feel at home. This series was one of my early inspirations, along with Harry Potter and His Dark Materials. And The Book of Dust is also on it’s way later this year it all makes me feel super nostalgic.

I’ve made a start on a clean novella draft, but am mostly letting it settle until after the novella contest. I have other, shorter stories on my mind right now which will hopefully get the gears working again.

And we’re not too far away now from the release of my fantasy novelette ‘I Am Not I‘ in F&SF! It should be appearing in the next issue and I’ll be sure to share pictures of my copy when it arrives. This story was finally finished and placed on submission in early July 2016, so a whole year will have gone by before it finally steps out in the big, wide world. I do hope everyone enjoys it!


That’s all from me this month! Take care!


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